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Hi, my name is Young Nerdy. I am a rapper. I also enjoy photography and directing music videos and films. I have travelled the world quite a lot. I am also quite well rounded. I'm currently in Saudi Arabia trying to understand Arab culture, language and their ways of life. I have made some video blogs that I have made about Saudi Arabia. I recommend watching them because you may learn something new about Saudi Arabia. Most of the pictures I have taken in Saudi Arabia are posted here, I'd appreciate it if you check those out too. I am trying to gain a better understanding of different cultures to understand life more wholly.
I can't live without the sound of music booming through my headphones. I really enjoy recording tracks of my own lyrics, as well as sitting back and enjoying life. I love taking pictures and hanging out at cafes. I have another personality called "Creation Complex." To understand me you have to talk to me, so feel free to message me any time.

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My #brothers after #juma , just having #fun and #enjoying #life

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